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Communicate With Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides

Course description

Many people on this planet have started to go through a mass spiritual awakening, a questioning of all they’ve been taught and the way they’ve been orchestrating their lives.

We have forgotten our true power and connection to the universe, but during these rapidly changing times as the world continues to wake up, many of us have finally met our higher selves and spirit guides in mysterious ways.

  • This course will teach you how to tell the difference between your egoic thoughts and higher self or spirit guides communication.

  • Learn the what the ego is and how it manifests.

  • Understand what the higher self is.

  • How to connect and communicate with your higher self.

  • Access tools to develop your intuition and inherent psychic abilities.

  • Types of spirit guides and how to contact them.

  • Experience communication with your Spirit Guide.


Once you realize your true power and strength, you won’t feel so much fear about the world around you.

What if you came in contact with entities from another dimension? What if they offered you information that changed your life and had the potential to change millions of lives around the world? That is exactly what happened to Bernard Alvarez after his shamanic encounter with the Emissaries of Light, ONE. 

The Book of One: Returning to Source Wisdom tells the story of his vision quest experience and presents the messages these 'light beings' gave to Bernard to share with the world decades ago. Since his encounter with these beings he has become a renowned figure in the global consciousness movement reaching millions through his work in service to humanity. 


This new edition of The Book of One: Returning to Source Wisdom brings forth hundreds of hours of channeling by Bernard Alvarez and shares the wisdom of the Emissaries of Light, a group of enlightened beings who have come through Bernard to help us discover how to 'return to Source'.  This expanded edition offers new channeled messages with easy to follow guidelines in order to live fully awake, aware and work toward building a new paradigm and a greater enlightened society.

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