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The Art of Pagan Ceremony and Ritual

For many cultures, the creation of ceremony and ritual has been the foundation of their spirituality and often, their collective health. The archetype of ritual answers the question of how we draw together bodies and land and time to mark the passage of an essential moment. In ritual, we enter the eternal, the realms where mythology, poetry, gods and archetypes live and breathe and we can join them.

In our fast paced modern world, we need ritual more than ever to celebrate and remember our connection to each other and to the planet. We seek ways to listen for our beauty and our purpose and to find pathways to the sacred. In industrialized culture that can feel impersonal and tedious, we require ritual art that is restorative and expressive, festive and provocative.

This class will push you to explore the mysterious in your everyday life, discover what breaks your heart open to hold even more emotion and to deepen your spiritual practice, whatever it might be.

The Art of Pagan Ceremony and Ritual
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