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Why Take Personal Responsibility For Our Lives?



Personal responsibility is the acceptance of one's actions, and the outcome of those actions. Although some people do not or unable to accept responsibility for their actions, the return of energy of a person’s energetic actions must and will be accepted at some point. Actions are like throwing a stone into a pond. The stone hits the water and a ripple spreads out over the water. Our actions for better or worse have a ripple effect upon those around us, the planet, as well as the universe. Whether we embrace what has been done for better or for worse and learn from it or try to out run out actions. The responsibility is ours.


For most people, responsibility towards self is priority in their lives. Not realizing that their actions or energy they put out affects their well-being, not knowing that they are connected to everything. Actions, thoughts, or energy expended is healing or cancerous. When love is expressed it servers the higher good, by lifting others up. When negative actions or energy is put out, it acts as a cancer, lowering the vibration of others, literally destroying the physical form as well as cause harm to the energetic body. In essence, the positive or negative energy humans put out affects them on a body, mind, soul level.

There are teachings, stories, legends, and myths that speak of various types of human ascension. Some go as far to say that it is our birthright to ascend. Whether humans ascend to a higher dimension remains to be seen. Given our current state of raping the planet and domination over each other a giant pissing contest has evolved. Many have awakened from the lies they have been bred to believe, and many, many more have not awoken. If the collective soul of humankind is to evolve to a higher dimension more must wake up and take personal responsibility for their own actions, reject the lies they have been taught and spread love. The bottom line is that it is our choice to ascend to a higher or descend to a lower vibration in the continuation of our evolution.


Asking people what is our responsibility to the planet will get a varied amount of response. Some will reply none, believing that the earth owes us everything we desire without consequence to humans. This belief has been taught to the masses because in the biblical old testament “god” said to Adam to subdue the Garden of Eden. This has been misinterpreted to mean have dominion over the earth. In reality, it is meant that humans are the caretakers of the earth. A healthy planet takes care of its inhabitants, and a ill planet is unable to do so.

The earth will continue to survive no matter what humans throw at it, short of blowing it to bits of rock floating in space. If humans ruined the lands, water, and the air and all life seemed to die out, life would eventually return. As humans move forward on their evolution it is their personal responsibility to take care of the planet.

Humans are the one variant that is not in balance with all other life on earth. Our collective denial that all is good and will continue to be good has been changing over the past fifty or so years. Governments, corporations, even religion is being viewed with skeptical eyes from more people every day. They see that the path we are on is destructive and if not turned around humankind will become extinct. Whether there are enough energetically positive humans to turn the tide of the destructive nature of the human collective or not remains to be seen. Even if the tide of destruction is turned away, it is very likely there will still be a period of difficult times ahead for life on earth. To mature as a species, raise our vibration, and move closer to our own god-self, humans must accept personal responsibility for themselves, and all life.



The universe is a never-ending flower in bloom, always changing, loving all of creation. A lesson to us small flowers. Our responsibility to the universe is to just be. Nothing else. Most humans have a natural desire to return to source. Yes, even the most unlovable of us. For those of us who have awakened, it is important to remember to love all of creation, even when it is not lovable. In doing so we emulate source, raise our own vibration and hopefully the unlovable one’s vibration as well. I will say, that this is often easier said than done. After all we are still human with human emotions, desires, prejudices that have been ingrained into us by our family, friends, and society. However, once we wake up, we can begin to shed these negative parts of our being. As we begin to shed the negative aspect of our being and behave more like source things begin to change for the better and as throwing the stone into the pond our new actions ripple out through the universe. When we love the unlovable as source does, we raise our own vibration, as well as the vibration of the unlovable. It may not show now, next year or even in the unlovable person's next life. A seed planted in love will eventually take root and sprout. Just a seed planted in hate will rot and spread that rot. The smallest seeds planted for better or worse can have immense implications. Once awakened our responsibility to source is not only just to be… but to be more like source. A light, a message, a ray of hope that life is much more and much better than we can imagine.


Do we have any responsibility towards source? An interesting question that will have many opinions. Source is all, and loves everything unconditionally. That does not mean that we have any responsibly to source for anything. It waits patiently for humans to learn their lessons and wake up on their own. I leave the animal and plant kingdom out of this, as I feel they are much wiser and knowing than we give them credit for. Humans traveling at a low vibration rate do not look for or understand source. They may be religious, but are blind at this stage of their evolution, seeing, knowing, understanding what they are force fed by those that control them.

As a soul reincarnates over many life times, it begins, or hopefully begins to awaken. Once awakened to their true nature, that they are from source part of and are source, then begins the responsibility towards source. Even when once awakened, humans are free to do as they please, even fall back into a lower vibration. An awakened soul seeks to lift others up vibrationally, and to return to source where it originally came from.


Our responsibility to ourselves is to live our lives. Do our best to be happy in whatever we do. For some this is to help others, and for others to serve self. All actions have their own lessons and rewards.


Personal responsibility can be a very simple or complex matter. It all depends on a person’s personal perspective of it. Some people run to take responsibility of their actions and words, to learn from them, as well as clear karma. Others run from responsibility almost always out of fear, not learning valuable lessons, and accumulating karma. Personal responsibility is something we acquire over lifetimes, learning to walk, then run, then fly free.

(James Casella is guest blogger on, a reiki master and healer.)

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