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Solving the Earth Crisis - Laura Eisenhower on The justBernard Show

What can we do as individuals to heal the planet? Laura Magdalene Eisenhower has been on a journey of the soul that encompasses the womb of the Mother, the birthing process and the creativity that is leading us toward the Golden Age. She shares teachings and insights that were shown to her along the way and reveal the essence of her personal growth -- as well as humanity's evolution and transformative process towards reestablishing balance with nature, the cosmos and planet as a whole.

Critical Time for Humanity to Awaken:

-- What we can do as individuals to heal the planet, micro/macro? -- News and root causes of emergencies, disasters, violence, war. - Sound healing, desalination,healing waters. --Thinktanks and councils for strategic problem solving. -- Creating a global family and connecting the heart of world religions. -- Promoting whistleblowers. -- Politics and spirituality: working to connect government with higher wisdom and love. -- Power of love vs. the love of power -- relinquishing control. -- Activating archetypal harmony through soul alchemy. -- Nature vs artificial intelligence: how to reclaim divine will. -- The inner voice of old authority affecting planetary healing. -- Deprogramming. -- Strengthening Earth's immune system. -- Ending NWO- disclosure and exposure. -- Repairing DNA through consciousness and nutrition. -- Mayan Calender and the Goddess story and our own evolutionary path. -- Grid-lines, vortexes - raising frequencies. -- Military Industrial Complex and false flags - being aware.

Laura's website:



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