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The Divine Brain with Miriam Delicado and Bernard Alvarez

Our brain has unlimited potential for healing the body, expanding our consciousness or evolving our spirits. Many of us however, have never really pondered it's abilities or have been educated on how to utilize many of it's capabilities. Luminary Bernard Alvarez and consciousness icon Miriam Delicado change that with this 2 hour program. A very special and intimate conversation with Miriam Delicado (Blue Star Prophecy). How did Miriam overcome being incapacitated after a serious car accident? How did she teach herself to change her speech pattern? What did her experience with the Tall Blonds teach her about how the human brain functions? How is she still using this method to continue to grow spiritually? What can we do to develop our brains to it's fullest potential? Join us for this exclusive 2 hour long broadcast with an amazing luminary and global healer. Miriam and Bernard discuss:

- Language: How does language effect our Brain/how does the ancient languages effect the brain/how does language create fear in our brain/was language created to create fear.

- Does fear stop us from reaching our full potential.

- Healing the body/mind with your brain/reprogramming the brain to heal/how to reprogram while working out,having massage and while they are working on. you using the brain to reprogram.

- Hearing voices in your head/hearing ringing/ how this relates to the other worlds.

- Plant medicines/drugs how they can effect the brain and your spirit in a negative or positive way.

-The Repetitive brain we are all seeking to change. Part One Part Two For more info Miriam Delicado Official Website:

The Divine Brain with Miriam Delicado and Bernard Alvarez
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