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How To Live A Life Of Integrity

Integrity for a person is a matter of that person’s word. For a person to have integrity, the word of that person must be (as integrity is defined in the dictionary) whole, complete, unbroken, unimpaired, sound, perfect condition. The question is, in the matter of integrity what constitutes your word? As we continue down our personal path to awareness and truth we often find ourselves living in what some would call "cognitive dissonance" or in conflict with what our inner selves are dictating to be the way of truth. This sort of thinking can cause much grief and may lead many to feel overwhelmed or depressed in their present state of living and being.

On today's broadcast Bernard Alvarez shares another wonderful insightful and information filled lesson in activism and walking the path of the Lightworker. Topics include:

- How to do your best in an upside down world.

- Harm reduction in your diet.

- Walking in integrity.

- The greatest evils to humanity. ( Is it greed, GMO's, apathy, MSM, NWO, etc.)

- Overcoming disagreements with those we love.

- Acceptance of diverse opinions and paths.

- Why you're here on the planet at this time.

And much more...

How To Live A Life Of Integrity
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