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Forgive The World For Not Seeing The Truth

Forgive the world for not seeing Truth

And you will forgive yourself

For the anger you hold. Forgive yourself

Release anger

Achieve peace. In this manner you will achieve

Oneness with all there is. In doing so you manifest Love. Love for all peoples and things. Good or bad

Ugly or beautiful

Intelligent or ignorant Acknowledge and become aware

And you will be ever closer to your Divinity.

“In this next passage, number 26, we ask the reader and the student to forgive oneself…forgive others for not understanding what you may understand. We see much of this in your recent revolutionary concepts that seem to be floating around globally. We see this in what you call the “spiritual activist movement”, which has been a very positive global elevation of awareness and vibration on the level of politics and on the level of awakening to the control that your governments may have placed on you. But yet, if you read the passage, you will notice that we ask you to forgive yourself and forgive the world for not seeing the truth. There is much anger involved in not accepting what others see as real. We must release this anger and choose to take the higher vibratory awareness to send them love from our higher selves to their higher selves…for it is in their way of evolving and we have no choice but to accept the agreements they have made for their own evolution. We cannot spread peace by spreading anger or fear. So therefore, it is easier to let it go and understand, with love and emotion through your Spirit, that they are fine.”

Spreading love, accepting all that is good and all that is bad…acknowledging becoming aware of the unfolding of what you would call, ‘God’s plan’, for it is all ‘God’s plan’, and ‘God’s plan’ is the same as Your plan. So let us release and forgive those who do not see…let us not try to force others into feeling, sensing or vibrating at the same level that you may be…for that is just an imposition of will and that is not Divinity…that is not ‘God’s plan’. ‘God’s plan’ is beautiful…it is ugly…it is intelligent and ignorant, as it says in Passage 25…and once we become aware that all things unfold in their time and we release the anger and we release any type of need to oppress or push others into believing our type of belief…then we are truly becoming closer to God.”

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Forgive The World For Not Seeing The Truth
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