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Near Death Experience and the Afterlife - David Ditchfield

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Come and listen to David Ditchfield's incredible story of how he fell under a speeding train, journeyed to the Afterlife and the astonishing proof he brought back with him.

Across thousands of years and in many cultures, people have described one of the most astonishing, captivating and enthralling of all human phenomena: the near-death experience (NDE), the subjective experience of an Afterlife, a place where we apparently survive death.

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"I am a near-death experience (NDE)-inspired artist, composer, and author. I want to use my NDE story to make a positive difference to people's lives. In 2006, I was dragged under a speeding train in a freak accident. As the surgeons fought to save me, I had a profound NDE and when I woke up in hospital, I had acquired unexplained new abilities. At first, I found I could paint dramatic paintings of what I had seen in the Afterlife, far beyond any artistic ability I had before my NDE. Then, I discovered I could compose classical music, despite having never received any training in this type of music before, (in fact, to this day, I still cannot read or write a single note of musical notation). My debut NDE-inspired symphony, ‘The Divine Light’, was premiered at a sell-out orchestral concert. I have since composed a follow-up symphony, ’The Falcon’, which was also premiered at a sell-out concert, as was my Cambridge Clarinet Choir commissioned piece ‘Awake’, conducted by renowned Clarinet player Andrew Webster. I have also completed over 40 paintings to date, including a number of commissioned artworks and several paintings depicting what I saw in my NDE. Now, I have come to understand the meaning and purpose of my NDE is to offer hope to the many people who have contacted me following my recent interviews. Many have lost love ones and are seeking comfort and reassurance that life continues on after death, and this is something I can offer. Plus, I want to help those who fear death, to reassure them that life continues on. And to share the lessons I have learned from my NDE journey. To have faith in the power of prayer, knowledge that we are all loved more than we can ever know, understand the importance of self-love, realize the important of listening to the guidance of our inner voice and know that the only boundaries in life are the ones we set ourselves." - David Ditchfield Learn more: and


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