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Conscious Ascension - FULL Two Part Class Series

Ascension is not about leaving the planet, getting rescued by off-world ETs or flying up into heaven. It is not about watching the Shift unfold online, or waiting for the external world to provide evidence of inner change. Ascension is a conscious choice to engage in evolution.

In this class Conscious Ascension (awakening your divine self). - What is happening and why now? - What we can do about it. - The Ascension Process -how it works - Pineal Gland self-activation and exercises. - Building a Safety Network for the journey ahead - Connecting with ascension guides - Clearing And Body Frequency Tuning

We finish up my Conscious Ascension class here in Part Two. Understand the five layers of the light body and experience some energy work to clear up and heal old patterns and allow for the new to take seed.

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