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Humanity: What's Next? - Miriam Delicado on The Webcast

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Humanity has lived through many cycles. Evolving, devolving, re-evolving... Join Bernard Alvarez for this special broadcast as he welcomes Miriam Delicado for a deeper look at where we've been, where we are and where we're heading.

A social entrepreneur, Ms. Delicado has dedicated her time, energy, and resources to encourage positive change in the world. Over the past decade her primary focus has been as a humanitarian and advocate for indigenous rights. As the founder of a nonprofit she has dedicated her life to creating a positive impact on our world for future generations.

She is an accomplished freelance writer, published author, and inspirational speaker. Her work has been featured on television, in magazines and on international radio programs. In her autobiography regarding experiences with UFOs, her book, Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy, is about Miriam's personal and deep struggle of what she went through to be at peace with these encounters. Miriam's passion is to share knowledge of the spiritual world so more people become aware of their personal and collective responsibilities to live peaceful and positives lives.

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