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Deja Vu: Past Lives Of Famous People - Betsey Lewis (TJBS)

Do you recall walking along the ancient golden sands of some forgotten time? This eerie feeling is known as DEJA VU, defined as the current situation experienced that feels like it has already been experienced in the past. Deja Vu is the instant feeling of familiarity. It can be a stranger who seems like a beloved old friend. It could be the time you visited an ancient city and sensed this was home.

In Betsey's new book DEJA Vu discover the past lives of famous people like His holiness the Dalai Lama, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Jack London, Benjamin Franklin, Omm Sety, Henry Ford, General George S. Patton, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Peter Blatty - author of The Exorcist, Edgar Cayce and actress Shirley MacLaine, just to name a few who have recalled past lives. The book also includes the author’s own investigation into the bizarre reincarnational case of a Los Angeles actress, who clearly recalled her past life as the glamorous 1930s actress Jean Harlow and how she was forced to witness the assassination of a famous leader by a prominent politician at the time. If true, this could be the most shocking story of the century! LEARN MORE at


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