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Coming July 11th! Serpent Power - Patricia Awyan on TJBS

Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism Co- Director, Khemitologist, Speaker, Researcher, Explorer, and Symbologist Patricia Awyan join Bernard for an hour long journey into ancient consciousness and symbolism.

WHEN: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - 2 PM ET

Watch LIVE: Patricia and Bernard will be discussing: - Cycling of consciousness - How we perceive and therefore interpret our reality - Serpent Power—the electromagnetic waveform - Neters (Gods and Goddesses) as aspects of Nature—of an Electromagnetic eternally transforming reality. - The dance of the Shiva of creation, sustainability and destruction. Its pulse, rhythm or beat provides the life force that is in sync with our state of consciousness. - The Sphinx as the Neter, Tefnut -and the significance of where she sits ...and how Ancient Temples and structures were built to harness magnetic currents…and the significance of this.


Patricia always knew that she would one day be going home to Egypt. As a long-time student in metaphysical, spiritual and indigenous traditions, Patricia’s eclectic spiritual background serves as a solid foundation to support to her work. Patricia began her exploration of the Nature of this Reality from early childhood. Her lifelong passion to know why and how we exist, led her to the in-depth study of the esoteric sciences as well as the physical sciences, mathematics, comparative religions, ancient literature, mythology, art history and symbology.

Having worked as an Architectural Artist for several years, she learned much about the energetic nature of structure, Color Theory and how we experience the world around us through our visual sense. She explored the physics of color further, as well as the principles of digital technology, when she worked as a Color Specialist and Senior Account Manager, marketing digital copiers, printers and software.

All of this was an incredible preparation for the level of research that she is currently undertaking. The Neters, Mythology and Symbolism of ancient Khemit all combine to give us a brilliant vision and understanding of the nature of our reality, and how we eternally cycle through dimensions and stages of consciousness. They have given us an alchemical map for how we can work with these natural and holographic archetypal energies and patterns – in order to traverse these portals in any NOW moment.

She became of student of Khemitology after meeting world renowned, Khemitologist, Abd’el Hakim Awyan, on her first trip to Egypt in 2005. Together, she and her husband, Yousef Awyan created The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism as an open forum to share the teachings of his father, Hakim, and to continue on with the exploration and research of the ancient mysteries, both on and off the sites. They guide independent explorers that come to their doorstep from all over the world, and host several tours in Egypt annually.

Patricia devotes much of her time to the research of ancient symbolism and mythologies worldwide. She has traveled to sites in Australia, Great Britain, France, Spain, Lebanon, Peru, Bolivia, India and all over America and Egypt, researching the clues that support the concept of a very advanced civilization, technologically and spiritually, that once spanned the globe possibly tens of thousands of years ago and left a legacy of knowledge and wisdom for us to decipher.

Patricia presents lectures that illustrate how the ancients left us a blueprint that maps out the truth of the beauty, perfection and infinite possibilities that exist within and outside every one of us— if we are willing to view our world from a higher perspective, as symbolized by the union of the eyes of Horus.


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