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Shamanic Frequencies - Gwilda Wiyaka and Bernard Alvarez (TJBS)

The shaman is the master of the trance experience. Sanctified by their initiatory experiences and furnished with their spirit guardians, the shaman is able to consciously travel into the spiritual worlds as cosmic explorers.



Gwilda Wiyaka is considered to be today's foremost expert on the modern day application of ancient shamanic principles. She was the founder and director of Path Home Shamanic Arts School, a Colorado state-certified occupational school of the shamanic arts, for which she has written the texts curriculum. Gwilda is also a preceptor for the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where she provides instruction to medical doctors on the modern interface between shamanism and allopathic medicine.

She has studied shamanism for over forty years, has been a practitioner for thirty years, and a teacher of the shamanic arts since 1996. Gwilda has recently released her latest book: “The Science of Magic Book of Mysteries Vol. 1” She also authored “So, We're Still Here. Now What? Spiritual Evolution and Personal Empowerment in a New Era, which was First Runner Up in the COVR Visionary Awards: Alternative Science Division.

Gwilda is the host for The Science of Magic radio show which is broadcast internationally through The “X” Zone Broadcasting Network, Her episodes can be found on

Gwilda has dedicated her life to bridging science and magic in order to bring unity and enlightenment. An experienced inspirational speaker and singer/songwriter, she conducts workshops and seminars throughout the world.

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The Bernard Alvarez channel is where you will find videos and shows about the conscious lifestyle, the awakening of humanity, metaphysics, sacred activism, paganism, hidden archaeology and more. Make sure to check my playlist's for classes, meditations and exclusive series on consciousness and light working.

I am a spiritual consciousness teacher and coach, and a global human rights activist. Also, a certified Reiki Master, an ordained Minister, a Doctor of Metaphysics, author of the Book of One, video and radio personality and a popular social media influencer.

My mission is to reveal the universal truths within and outside ourselves and to nurture the global awakening consciousness movement and offer tools to support activists. CONTACT ME at

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