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The Whole Brain Path to Peace

For most people one of two brain perspectives dominates and guides their beliefs and actions. In most women, for example, it's the right brain with its unity-seeking, holistic perspective. In men, the analytical, dualistic perspective of the left brain is more likely to take charge of directing behavior. Because the two perspectives are so radically different, they often appear to have dissimilar goals and can be difficult to harmonize. This can create conflict and lead to battle. How might conflict be reduced? Understand the two sides well enough to be aware that they complement one another rather than compete.

The recipient of five national book awards, integral philosopher James Olson explores how distortions and even destructive polarizations can occur—in politics, culture, and our relationships—when one brain hemisphere is dominated by the other. But what if our goal is to gain the cooperation of others and live in peace? The answer, Olson shows, is that each of us must learn to consciously integrate the contrasting views of the world provided by each brain hemisphere.

James Olson is a spirit-focused philosopher and student of business, science, engineering, art, and psychology. His goal is to bring the planet's masculine and feminine energies into greater balance through his advocacy of whole-brain thinking as a path to peace.



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