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Unlocking Your Full Human Potential

In many ways we have come to believe that we are less than we are capable of. From creating a happy life to living in peace around the world, too often we just accept what is presented to us by the status quo. In fact, it has been proven time and time again, the human mind and body can do amazing and indescribable things.

In this four part series, Metaphysician Dr. Bernard Alvarez speaks about what human potential means, identifies ways we defeat ourselves in this process and how to unlock our full brain capacity.


Many of us have no relationship with our subconscious mind though it influences most of our choices, actions and thoughts. In this special Consciousness Talk from Bernard Alvarez you will gain a clearer perspective to living in full consciousness,how you actually create your own reality and the tools you can use to achieve this.


Our limitations and lack come from a self induced idea of who we think we are and what we feel about the world around us. This may come from the story we have created for ourselves. Becoming the Hero of our story can help to remove these limitations and idea of lack.


How can one achieve greatness while not having the belief it can be achieved? Many times our lack and awareness of possibility is our greatest obstacle. When we come to a place where we are living full consciousness and conscientiously we are greater prepared to accept our paths and create great things.

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