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A Beginners Guide To The Awakening and Activism

On this extensive and information filled presentation Dr. Bernard Alvarez shares essential material for those just awakening and starting on the path of truth, clarity and change.

In this presentation you will learn about:

What is the definition of awakening? What was it like for Bernard during the beginning of his path? What are common ways people react to their awakening?(political and spiritual) What were some of the resources, ( authors, radio shows, etc ) Bernard turned to in his early spiritual and political awakening? Are conspiracy sites and media helpful? Why? What is Fear porn? What is Satanic Panic? Do people need to worry about predetory new age cults? Is channeling real? How deep does the rabbit hole go? How can one tell if they are not just going crazy or becoming paranoid? Why is reading material over watching movies or videos more important in the beginning? What are the most helpful documentaries out there to help those in the beginning? What's the best way to reference your sources? How can we help others awakening? Where can people find others of like mind as they awaken?


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