Bernard Alvarez
Jun 30, 2017

Why Haven't ET's Come To Save Us?


There is much speculation as to why humanity hasn't been saved or aided by extraterrestrials. Whether it's letting themselves be known to all of humanity or interfering in wars and genocide, they just haven't stepped in much.

I spoke with contactee Marina Jacobi about the reasons why we are being left to our own devices. Watch the whole show:



Learn more about Marina:

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  • Bernard Alvarez
    Jun 27, 2017

    Have you ever seen a ghost? Ever experience contact with an ET or trans-dimensional being? For many going through the great awakening of humanity paranormal experiences are very common. From seeing through the veil and communicating with other dimensions of reality to an increased psychic ability, our perceptions are expanding. In today's show I share a handful of experiences I have personally had. I feel we must share these so others may know they are not alone in this. Feel free to share YOUR experiences below in the comments.
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