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The justBernard Show
The justBernard Show

My weekly radio broadcast and video show featuring exciting interviews and discussion on topics relating to the awakening of humanity, activism, consciousness and spirituality. The justBernard Show aims to reveal the real matrix and empower the human experience. 

The Book of One

What if you came in contact with beings that represented your higher conscious self? What if you took their advice and it changed your life and millions of lives around you? That is exactly what happened to Bernard Alvarez after his shamanic encounter with the Emissaries of Light.


FREE Classes and Workshops


I offer many classes and workshops available online for free covering such topics as meditation, witchcraft and paganism, consciousness, activism, the awakening process and much more. 

Consciousness Talks


These are special topic based talks and discussions specifically in the areas of our awakening, expanding our consciousness,  removing the illusion of the control matrix, activism and psychic development. Many of these are done in a state of trance and are very intimate in nature. 


The FACES behind the PAGES that INSPIRE

The Faces Behind the Pages that Inspire takes the message about leaving the victim mindset behind, one-step further. For this project of the A Victim No More series, carefully chosen Facebook fan page administrators that have plunged forward, with a level of faith in humanity that frankly is sparse, at best, these days, share thier personal stories of how they got to where they are today. Not afraid to call out the perpetrators, some of these Admins are social media warriors for the underdog. You will read the tragedy to triumph stories behind some of the most proactive page administrators on Facebook today. 

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Your financial contributions help make it possible for me to offer free conscious programs and content. Thank you for your support. 

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