All too often when we have that moment of clarity or find that book or path or church that resonates with us and suddenly we find ourselves losing ourselves, our humanity, our inner nature, easily ending up in a state of denial. Denial of life, the atrocities of the world around us or even worse, denial of our own happiness because "it's supposed to be that way". This could not be further from the truth. We must remember, enli...

Most of us involved in Paganism or Magick have heard of the terms "Do What Thou Wilt" and "Harm None" but what exactly do they mean? What about when we impose our will on others or judge their personal path as unsuitable; is it harm? Is it any of our business? If we are to strive for a sovereign spirit and mind we must take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, but how do we do this?

We are living in some crazy times. So, what is your place in this mad, mad world? Do you understand the enormity of your existence in this universe and in your own home? What do your thoughts say about you and how you perceive your place in the world?

All magical systems and schools work with elements. In the west we call them air, fire, water, earth and spirit.

We can see them all around us, feel their impact in our body and mind. But what we can sense is just a reflection of what they are in reality! So, if you want to understand them, you have to feel them within. 

Our body is a temple where all elements reside and co-exist together in harmony. When this harmony is broken,...

What is the essence of enlightenment? When bliss is the natural state of our soul what can we do to return to that state?  If you’ve ever had an epiphany you have had a little awakening. In that moment of realization your mind stopped thinking and you knew and felt beyond an intellectual logic.

In Part Two we are discussing an array of tools we can use to aid us in awaking to our higher consciousness. For the last third of the...

In this special LIVE Q&A we cover many topics you've asked about like: 
I'm working hard on my ego but it's very fatiguing.
Is there is a difference between settled into calm and settled into complacency?
Does each person have certain lessons to learn or goals to achieve in life?
Is there a freezing spell? 
How do I learn to suppress my emotions so I am not so emotional?
Is there a truth spell? 
Is there any way to see my purp...

 "Magickal Meditation For Everyone" will teach you the basics from how to breathe correctly during your meditation to creating a psychic shield and directing energy. 

Part One - Breathe
Part Two - Full Body Relaxation
Part Three - Psychic Shielding
Part Four - Directing energy/Chi

The best of The justBernard Show with Miriam Delicado speaking on your inner dialogue, Inelia Benz speaking on 5th Dimensional awareness, Rupert Sheldrake on Quantum consciousness and Bernard Alvarez speaking on Activating Mindfulness.

Ascension is not about leaving the planet, getting rescued by off-world ETs or flying up into heaven. It is not about watching the Shift unfold online, or waiting for the external world to provide evidence of inner change. Ascension is a conscious choice to engage in evolution.

In this class Conscious Ascension (awakening your divine self). 
- What is happening and why now?
- What we can do about it.
- The Ascension Process -ho...

Do video games make us violent? How can one handle the violence of the world? What can we do with our outrage? In this special broadcast I cover some of your questions dealing with these very important topics and offer tools to empower our consciousness rather than being ruled by external influences and emotions.

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"Thanks Bernard for the wonderful information you choose to share with the world as you help light the path for others! Music makes the world go 'round, and Mr. Alvarez knows how to make some sound, resonate with the tribes and provide guidance to help hold em down. He's humble yet still holds his crown, uplifts the people to new heights, and yet still explains how to keep realistic roots in the ground. Born in the beast system, but this man is truly heaven bound, spiraling up for all space and time because can't a single soul bring him down. Look at him now, he's like the DC super friends without a cape and clown. Easy going but the USA is his home and DO NOT mess with his town.... Thank you my friend. Word's could never truly express my gratitude anyway.... Respect and Reverence Sir!"

- James Curry

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